The District Board of Directors meet regularly at the time and location listed below.  Contact Geol Scheirman prior to attending a meeting as dates and times may change.  If you'd like to be placed on an agenda mailing list please contact Geol by e-mail  
  When: March, June and September and December.  Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m.   
  Where: Locations will vary due to availability.  (Temporarily Conferencing)    
  Notices: District Meeting Notices are posted on this website. In the event of a website outage, notice will be physically posted at the location listed below.  
    S. Ward Street, midway between W. Coal Mine Ave. and S. Simms Street  
    Meeting Notices, Agenda and Minutes listed below can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the links provided below.  
    Meeting Notices Online:     (Temporarily Conferencing)  
    2020 Notices                  
    Meeting Notice - November 10, 2020                  
    Meeting Notice - October 7, 2020                    
    Meeting Notice - September 15, 2020                    
    Meeting Notice - June 22, 2020                  
    2019 Notices                  
    Meeting Notice - November 21, 2019                  
    Meeting Agenda and Minutes Online:                
    2020 Meetings     (Temporarily Conferencing)  
    2020-03-23       Regular Meeting   Cancelled    
    2020-06-22 Agenda     Special Meeting                
    2020-09-15 Agenda     Special Meeting      
    2020-09-28       Regular Meeting   Cancelled    
    2020-10-07 Agenda     Special Meeting                
    2020-11-10 Agenda     Special Meeting                
    2020-12-28       Regular Meeting                
    2019 Meetings           Meeting Location
    2019-03-25 Agenda   Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2019-07-22 Agenda   Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2019-10-28       Regular Meeting   Cancelled      
    2019-11-21 Agenda   Minutes Special Meeting   Peak Community & Wellness Center
    2018 Meetings           Meeting Location
    2018-03-04     Minutes Regular Meeting   Peak Community & Wellness Center
    2018-06-13     Minutes Regular Meeting   Peak Community & Wellness Center
    2018-09-12       Regular Meeting   Cancelled      
    2018-09-19       Special Meeting   Cancelled      
    2018-10-22     Minutes Special Meeting   Peak Community & Wellness Center
    2018-11-14       Regular Meeting   Cancelled      
    2017 Meetings           Meeting Location
    2017-03-21     Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2017-06-20     Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2017-09-19       Regular Meeting                
    2017-10-16     Minutes Special Meeting   Ridge Recreation Center
    2017-11-21     Minutes Special Meeting   Peak Community & Wellness Center
    2016 Meetings                
    2016-09-26     Minutes Regular Meeting                
    2016-11-18     Minutes Special Meeting                
    2015 Meetings                        
    2015-07-15     Minutes Special Meeting                
    2015-11-13     Minutes Regular Meeting                
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